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Being a better me

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.”  That’s deep right?

I sat on that one for a while.  Nothing changes if nothing changes…

So for the last two years I’ve struggled.  I had PPD that went untreated for WAY too long.  I was miserable.  I loved my babies more than anything in this world, but I didn’t love me.  There were many compounding effects that added to my depression, I’m not going to get into all of that, but believe me when I tell you that 2015 was a really challenging year for my entire family.  Really challenging.

Finally in December of 2015 I realized I needed to speak to my PCP and get some help, it’s been a slow up hill climb since then.  I wish I hadn’t waited so long to accept that I wasn’t ok, and that that was OK!

I started my business which has helped me in ways so much deeper than financially.  With starting the biz I’ve been forced outside of my comfort zone which is fantastic!

That leads me to my video log post, so enough ramblings… here is the Video link.

Best guys ❤