Wear All The Babies

My sweet boy LOVES this baby. Her name is Pinkie Pie, he gave birth to her, and I helped him, FYI 😂. He’s a seriously sweet little dude. My Killian 😍

 Any other baby wearers out there?! What’s your go to wrap/carrier? When my children were little I was all about ringslings, I had a buttery soft girasol, then moved to a wrap conversion mei tai, and then of course into a soft structured carrier?  My go to jam? Lenny lamb cookie lace! (With my boys it was my kinderpack)

I love the bond, that closeness that I felt, I love that my hands were free to wrangle my other children, I love that it made my babies feel safe and secure.  I miss my baby wearing days SO much.  My youngest is almost two and will not entertain the idea of being confined (how rude!)

But, as you can see the value and love has been passed on to my kiddos, though, and I look forward to one day wearing grand babies.  Many, many, many MANY years from now.

If you can relate share your love below!