30 Day Video Challenge

I was listening to one of my very favorite podcasts yesterday, go figure, and this particular episode was all about branding yourself.  Not branding you with your company, but authentically you.  You want the people you share your wonderful self with to get the best of YOU.  

You want them to know YOU, like YOU, and trust YOU.  Listen, I know that the products that we all offer are good, quality products, from clothes to books and jewelry and everything in between, but what sets you apart from everyone else?  Why will your customers be loyal to you and not the next rep that pops up in their news feed (and let’s face it, there’s a lot!)?  This is where branding yourself comes in.  People will return to you because they like YOU.  
So, how do we do this?  By showing them the real you of course, silly!  Que the 30 Day Video Challenge.  I know I need practice going live and being comfortable being so out there for everyone to see, so when I heard about this challenge I knew it would be so helpful!  I can’t wait to see what my videos look like 30 days from now!  

Who’s with me?  Other MLM boss ladies (or dudes, whoever!) out there, let’s do this!  Shout out below let me know you’re in!  And hey, if you found some value in this post go ahead and follow me, because it appears there will be plenty of content to come!

Nicole- The Caffeinated Momma