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Being a better me

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."  That's deep right? I sat on that one for a while.  Nothing changes if nothing changes... So for the last two years I've struggled.  I had PPD that went untreated for WAY too long.  I was miserable.  I loved my babies more than anything in this world, but I didn't… Continue reading Being a better me


Wear All The Babies

My sweet boy LOVES this baby. Her name is Pinkie Pie, he gave birth to her, and I helped him, FYI 😂. He's a seriously sweet little dude. My Killian 😍  Any other baby wearers out there?! What's your go to wrap/carrier? When my children were little I was all about ringslings, I had a… Continue reading Wear All The Babies


Nurturing Your Biz

Team training on nurturing your biz.  Check it out, still getting the feel for this video thing, but really love the message of this story.  I'd love to hear your thoughts, so leave me some feedback!  Have a specific topic you'd like me to cover?  Just let me know.